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Please tell me I'm reading this wrong...


Please tell me I'm reading this wrong...

Without a contract the LG Phoenix is 369.99 as a refurb?  Is that a joke?  A 19.99 refurb discount?  Sprint has the exact same phone on their refurb list for 79.99!!!  Of course I am aware I can't use it, just saying for comparison purposes.  That is absolutely crazy and more and more often I wonder whether it is worth staying with AT&T.

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Re: Please tell me I'm reading this wrong...

Never buy a refurbished phone off the service providers website.  It will always be a rip off.  Just get you a phone off craiglist and save yourself some money.


And you are thinking of leaving ATT cause they charge alot for a refurbished phone?  I tell you what.  Make the switch.  Get one for $80 with Sprint.  And then see how you enjoy that joke of a network.  Sprint is horrible.  The network is a joke and they have by far the worst customer service.  Get on their forum and see all the complaints about customer service and network issues.  And as you read them keep in mind that their mods (Mapesy) delete alot of peoples reponses and threads containing complaints.

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Re: Please tell me I'm reading this wrong...

It is hard to campare the offerings between carriers because in any given month there may be specials being offered by the handset makers and other factors playing into what are and are not good prices.  Don't just choose the lowest price handset but the carrier that actually provides the service that meets your needs.  You will pay more in the long run if the network is bad.  If Sprint is good in your area than go for it.


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