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Please help! I need ringtones for Pantech Link II


Please help! I need ringtones for Pantech Link II

Posted earlier, but didn't really state what I needed.  I am trying to add ringtones to my new Pantech Link 2 P5000.  It came with 8, but all are pretty lame.  Installed an app call Unlimited MP3s by DaDa Entertainment but it has a monthly charge and frankly, it is really lame as well.  I just want to find a good selection of ringtones and be instructed on how to download them.  Any help would surely be appreciated.


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Re: Please help! I need ringtones for Pantech Link II

I noticed that you haven't gotten a reply or the forums remove the info...non the less, here is what you may be looking for.


I ran into this problem a year ago and found an excellent program for windows (sorry for the Mac lovers, don't own a Mac...tool to the system I suppose). WavePad Sound Editor. This app allows you to take any music file, trim, normalize, fade in and out. It takes a little bit to get use to but well worth it. I successfully made ringtones for someone with a straighttalk phone with this app. For the pirates...good luck finding any work around that won't infect your system. Support the author if you like the program...I did...and for under $30 you cannot go wrong. This program does call home make sure you install it on the system you intend to keep it on.


Hope this helps you out CJ.


FYI, you can also limit the size by adjusting the bitrate when you perform a save as...this way you can keep it under 300k.

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