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Please add new language support to Samsung Focus when Microsoft adds it to WP7


Please add new language support to Samsung Focus when Microsoft adds it to WP7



This is a request for AT&T wireless to support new languages for text input on the Samsung Focus (and other Windows Phone 7 devices) when Microsoft makes them available.


It appears that the device manufacturers and carriers will have to support adding new languages to existing Windows Phone 7 devices. This is slightly different from the iPhone, where this is mostly in the hands of Apple. I've had my Samsung Focus for a week now (coming from iPhone), and I love it. Everything about the phone is great, except that the language support (think dictionary for automatic word correction) is a bit small. I mostly write in English, and the text input on this phone is just as good as on the iPhone. It works really well. The one thing is that if you are going to type other languages, in my case Dutch, the auto correction of course turns everything into whatever English words are closest. This makes it nearly impossible to type. The iPhone has the ability to switch languages from every app, which is just great.


So, At&T, if Microsoft comes out with new language support, please udpate existing phones with those as well.


Forum readers, if you want this too, please reply and make your voice heard.



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