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Plan help? I need help...


Plan help? I need help...

I have an iPhone 4s with 450 minutes, unlimited texting, and 3 gb of data. I want to add a line to my account of another iPhone 4s possibly, with 450 minutes, unlimited messaging, and 3g of data.

If I put the two line's minutes together so that we share 700 minutes, and have family unlimited messaging, and each of us have 3 gb of data, what will be the total cost of the two lines together? (not including the phone pricing)

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Re: Plan help? I need help...

69.99 for the 700 shared minutes for both phones plus 30.00 for the unlimited messaging with mobile to any mobile calling for both phones plus 30.00 each phone for the 3GB data plans.  Total would equal 159.99 before taxes or any employee discounts.

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