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Picture Orientation in Text Messages


Picture Orientation in Text Messages

I am beyond frustrated about this subject... I hope I am not alone-- and I hope even more that someone knows how to fix this!


19 out of 20 pictures I take on my SGS2 are in portrait orientation (vertical).  When I try to send them (text or facebook), every single messaging service turns them landscape (horizontal).  Which means, my friends friends ar receiving sideways pictures.


If I use a different camera app, the message will send in the correct orientation but the quality in every other app I have tried is just not as good as the built-in app.  I have tried at LEAST 6-- the quality just isn't right.


The only other option is to edit/crop every single picture after I take it (which then saves a duplicate) and THEN send it-- adding a couple minutes to every picture I want to send.


Anyone have any ideas or fixes for this issue?

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Re: Picture Orientation in Text Messages

ive sent dozens of text messages with pictures and mine all orient correctly on others phones....

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