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Picture Messaging not working


Picture Messaging not working

I have a pantech link phone and when i recieve picture messages, i am able to open the message but when i go to retrieve the picture, my phones says "failed to retrieve message."  i checked my message settings for multimedia and all but it still isnt working. any suggestions?

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Re: Picture Messaging not working

are you able to access the internet and do you have a block in data? also do you have a messaging package that includes mms
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Re: Picture Messaging not working

JFizDaWiz wrote:


also do you have a messaging package that includes mms

All messaging packages include MMS capabilities. The only exception would indeed, be a data block. Even phones that do not have a messaging package can receive MMS (without a data block).


To the original poster, I had the same issue on my LG Neon. Try retrieving the file again. If it does not successfully download, keep trying. I know that I had tried a few numerous times and could not get it to retrieve. I had to end up deleting the message.


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