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Pic in text message


Pic in text message

Well, have had the HTC Inspire for a couple of months now, and thought I'd figured out everything I needed to know... but...


Tonight I sent a text message and attached a pic, as I have done many times... noticed that there apeared a percentage counter on the pic after I hit "send"...  thought nothing of it.  Get a response from the recipient wondering why I'm sending them a http link...  Sent another pic, again, they received a link, not a pic.  They sent me back what I had sent them, and I got 2 pics.


Since this person is my sig. other, we send stuff back and forth all the time, and never had this happen...  We're both on AT&T, she's using an Evergreen, me on HTC Inspire. 


Anybody else seen/heard of this before?

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Re: Pic in text message

May be wrong here but if I were to take a guess I would think that maybe the pic is too large to be received from her phone and so she's getting a link to it. 


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