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Phones not seeing Microcell


Phones not seeing Microcell

After finishing a chat with CS I've decided they really need more user end status lights, apps or something. Though personally I think she was just going in circles with several different chats and getting them mixed up.


Purchased a microcell, came home set it up. All lights solid green. Restarted phones and they didn't see it. Removed readded phones same thing. Removed and Reactivated Microcell same thing.


During the chat she mentioned it was out of tolerance. Greater than 4000 meters when it should be 500 or less. After prodding for an explanation she mentioned something I had read about before this. Where the GPS wasn't where it AT&T thought it should be or some such. In the same sentence she kept talking about not having a GPS lock (where I think she was spinning me in circles).


If the GPS light is solid green that means it is locked correct? I know on a handheld GPS it tries to acquire X number of satellites, could the GPS light on the microcell be coming on solid before it has enough satellite connections to be accurate?


I know out here GPS mapping has been off a good bit depending on date/age of the maps (most online maps don't even have address service on my road). I mentioned that I had read some people were able to get CS to fix the GPS on their side in these situations, but she claimed there didn't have any tools to do that. So finally left with the old "return it to the store for a replacement". Am I right in wagering when I return this and get another one here I'll probably have the same problem?

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Re: Phones not seeing Microcell

Probably. CS, unfortunately, is clueless most of the time. She is sort of correct in that the AT&T address database is not accurate some of the time and if your physical address doesn't match with what they have, it just won't work. Some people have had success putting in a neighbor's address or another one that is close to yours. It's possible that you could have a defective unit but an address mismatch has happened more times than it should for it to be a faulty unit. Just make sure that you've set it up according the instructions. Within 2 feet of a window that has a clear unobstructed view of the sky and at least 2 feet away from any other WiFi device. Syncing can take from 10 minutes to 24 hours. The MicroCell is also a totally closed device in that there is no way to run diagnostics on it like you can a router, so there is little to no troubleshooting you can do other than post here or keep bugging CS.

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Re: Phones not seeing Microcell

But if the GPS light is solid green does that not mean the lock is good etc?

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Re: Phones not seeing Microcell

Called phone support this time and got an infinite better experience. Was able to compare GPS lat and long etc.


Something on their end and my location their network guys have to fix. Got a case number and such this time and date for them to call back.

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