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Phone not working properly


Phone not working properly

I have called technical support at least 3 times, also went by your At&T stores.  Each time technical support has told me something different.  Please help, I was given 8/10/11 as another call back date.  I find this out of line!!  My phone drops calls consistently, and I do not receive service at my home.  I have been told everything from they are working on the towers to everything is just fine.  I need help.  I will have to change services ( I have been with AT&T for 25 years) or would be glad to upgrade if given the offer.  I realize I am an old customer not someone new that you are trying to sell, but thought your older customers might get some service.  My last phone call to technical support was on 7/22/11, I was told a supervisor would call back, yet I have heard nothing.  I would appreciate some kind of return message.

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Re: Phone not working properly

I can relate to your problem and also do not get service in our area.  I was given the same run around from the store in our area and today I am going to Verizon to see what service they have,.  I have talked to a lot of people and our neighbors have Verizon and do not have any problem with their cell phone.,  This is rediculous to get charged a disconnect fee, when AT & T doesn't provide adequate service.  We had no problem a year ago, but have not been able to use the phone in our home since we returned here in May.  We got great coverage in Florida!  Lynn

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Re: Phone not working properly

I can relate as we have been doing the AT&T store/ Tech Support song and dance now for 2 weeks!  It started early last week when we started missing some calls, and then our received calls would drop after only about 20 seconds.  We got new SIM cards per Tech Support (authorized retailers have no clue and don't care) with no improvement.  Finally we found out that some towers were being modified and all would be good this week.  Not true.


No one will say it but it seems that they are simply phasing out service of the older cellular networks.  Granted our Nokia 6230 GSM phones are 5 years old and we have been considering an upgrade, but after 12 yrs with AT&T in some form, we are now condisering other providers as no one can say whether the coverage with be better with 3G or 4G.  They insist there isn't an issue.


I am considering a call to our state Attorney General and Public Utilities offices.  They did this once before and got their hand slapped for it, but not after lots of consumers complained and left.


Try not to break your contract as they will give it over to collections and it be on your credit report for 7 years.  I may call Clark Howard up about this issue and see what he says.

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