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Phone is not making or receiving phone calls

Phone is not making or receiving phone calls



I am fed up with AT&T and my phone not making calls, dropping calls, and refusing to send text messages. I pay my bill on time so I know that my account is current. My iphone will have 3-5 bars and still not send a text message or allow me to call out. I have not even had AT&T for a full two years and each day the service is getting worse. I want to reach the customer service complaint department so that can correct this situation. I am at the point now that I do not even want an iphone any more. I want reliable service. This is affecting how I conduct business and relationships, this is placing my safety at risk. All the roll over minutes do not matter as my phone will not allow me to use them. I complained to customer service last weekend and the operator informed me AT&T does not guarantee service inside of buildings only outside. Well what good is it for me to have AT&T if I need to use my phone at home or in the office. I would love to get out of my contract and not be charged for leaving as I have already paid AT&T far more for minutes I have been prevented from using.

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Re: Phone is not making or receiving phone calls

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