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Phone function


Phone function

Hey, this thing even has a phone ;-).


HTC Inspire. 'smart dial tips' says, "...find phone number that starts with "245" by typing"  2 4 5. "Find a contact named "Amy" by typing:"... and somehow the key functions switch from numerical input to letter. How is this done, or is it just a nice idea?


It goes on to say, "Select the matched contact...or press and hold to see more options." I don't see any "press and hold" options in order to see more options.


On my Palm Centro, which I've had for years - and still works, I can continue typing the next letter(s) of the name to arrive at the right one. This appears to have no such option.


It dials numbers at random - even while sitting idle on my desk. This creates havoc. The ringer volume is very low - any way to fix that? Can they maybe update the firmware for this? I've read other posts about it and missed many calls because of it.


There are limited ringer tones. Any way to get more?

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Re: Phone function

Have you tried to just start typing in a phone number or letters of a name in the phone app of the Inspire? The Dialer will smart search for you. I use it all the time on my HTC phone.

After the phone narrows down your choice through the smart search, you can "press and hold" also known as a "long press" until the phone vibrates and gives you a menu of options. Some of the options are "view contact", "view call history", "remove from favorites", etc.

You can keep typing in letter beyond three to narrow the choices further. For example I want to call one of the Robert's in my contact list. I can spell out the entire word to filter out of the names that contain Rob... and get to a group of "Robert" names.

I don't know why it would dial random numbers. Have you adjusted the phone ringtone volume?

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Probably from mobile, maybe. Smiley Happy
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Re: Phone function

For the "smart dial" feature you're talking about, you don't need to switch from numbers to letters on the phone dialer.  Just start hitting the keys, regardless of whether you are searching for a number or a name, and it will start bringing up people in your contacts based on the possible combination of letters/numbers.


Do you mean the ringer is not loud enough at max volume?  Like Ann in the respnse above, its not clear  whether you have turned the ringer up to max volume yet.  I don't have the exact same HTC phone, but on most HTC phones, if you push the volume rocker on the side while on your home screen, it will turn the ringer volume up/down.

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Re: Phone function

I for sure have the ringer volume turned up all the way. As I understand it, the rockers on the side are to adjust the volume while on a call; the ringer volume is adjusted in the settings. Anyway, I have them both set to full.


Thanks :-)

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Re: Phone function

The sound settings can also be checked at

Menu, Settings, Sound, Volume.


I remember when I first got my phone the ringtone volume was set way down and I had to move the slider on it to get more volume

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Re: Phone function

While not on a call the rocker on the side is used to adjust the Ringer Volume.


If it is set to max and the tones are still not loud enough you can use Audacity to boost the volume of your ringtones. 

There's a great tutorial in this thread on how to use Audacity:

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Re: Phone function

Thanks! I took it back, but this may come in handy on my next phone. Gonna wait for LTE

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