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Phone Issue/Exchange Policy


Phone Issue/Exchange Policy

Hello Everyone!
This is my first time using the forum, so I hope I'm posting this in the correct location. Alright, so I've ran into a problem and am in need of advice from an AT&T representative. I dropped my iPhone 4S in water last week and was not able to get it fixed due to water damage (I didn't have insurance at the time). I went to AT&T two days later and bought a Blackberry Bold. The Blackberry froze on me a few times and had several glitches, so I returned the phone to AT&T and exchanged it for a Samsung Galaxy S2.

I've had the Samsung Galaxy S2 for nearly four days and the screen has acted up a few times, several of my applications seem to be buggy, and I'm just generally not happy with the phone. This is the second phone in less than a week I've had from AT&T and both have had technical problems. Is it possible for me to get an exchange again? I realize that the policy states that one exchange is allowed, but I'm hoping there are exceptions to that policy considering the problems I've encountered.

Also, the AT&T employee was very rude and rushed me during my visit. I'm overall very disappointed in this whole situation and hope it can be resolved in a professional fashion.


Any help would be great! 

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