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Phone Is Shipped With Wrong Numbers


Phone Is Shipped With Wrong Numbers

Earlier today my wife and I decided to add a line to her cell phone plan. We added a phone for me and changed to a family plan. We upgraded her phone to an Iphone and ordered an Iphone for me as well. I just checked and saw that the phones have already shipped (much sooner than I expected which is awesome), however, her phone is shipping with an entirely new number, and mine is shipping with an area code for another part of the state.


Does anyone know what I need to do to move her original cell phone number - which she has had through ATT since they were Cingular, and to change my number to one in my local area code?

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Re: Phone Is Shipped With Wrong Numbers

for youre number, you need to relocate the number, but they will give you a new number and account number, the relocations dept number 1 (800) 826-7356, Mon-Fri: 8am-1am EST, Sat-Sun: 9am-10pm EST, also you need to call the dept where you add the line and verify exactly what they do with youre account... I hope this get resolved soon!


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