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Phone Freezing while showing pictures


Phone Freezing while showing pictures

Recently I've noticed when I go thought my pictures in my camera roll, or a folder that my I4 will freeze.  I have to restart it to continue, any one else have this issue?  I just went on a trip and have over 300 pictures and videos.

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Re: Phone Freezing while showing pictures

I have a lot more than 300... does it freeze every time at the same photo? Could be that one photo is corrupt? In any case it should not freeze.

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Re: Phone Freezing while showing pictures

Ive noticed the issue as well though I only have 40 saved photos. I figured it may be HDR photos rendering which may be causing the issue, but not sure. You may want to export them to your photo library and see if that clears up the issue after it's transferred back into an album.


You can also try crashing all your apps active and see if that frees up album cycling. Many apps require loads of RAM which can cause freezing issues.

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Re: Phone Freezing while showing pictures

Could be a glitch with the OS. Try a backup and restore as new. If that fails contact Apple (1-800-myiphone). If you call AT&T they will tell you same and transfer you to Apple. 

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