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Phantom data charges


Phantom data charges

I hate ATT for how complicated they make their bill and include phantom charges every month. I have signed up for $59.99  family talk plan with 20% discount as premier customer and have two lines. Guess how much I am paying overall. $102 last month, $113 this month. That is the twice of my rate plan??

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Re: Phantom data charges

AT&T doesn't add "PHANTOM" charges to any bill.

You can clearly see all charges to your bill each month by signing into your OLAM and selecting the "View Full Bill" tab.

If you do not understand the charges, call customer service and they will carefully explain all the charges.

It  is YOUR responsibility to check your monthly statement to verify it's accuracy.

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Re: Phantom data charges

"AT&T doesn't add "PHANTOM" charges to any bill."


[Per Guidelines:  Keep it Relevant and Appropriate]. Just google "phantom data charges"

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