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Phantom Text Messages on Bill?


Phantom Text Messages on Bill?

I wanted to ask here before calling customer support later today.


This afternoon I checked my bill, which was abnormally high (roughly $20 over), and noticed that I had incurred that amount in excess text messages. I know that some months I have gone over my 200 text limit, but this seemed abnormally high. A quick glance at my bill revealed some strange things:


  1. The first 244 text messages sent on my phone list the To/From number as my own. The person I text the most, my wife, does not appear until the 245th text, approximately 3/4 of the way through the billing cycle.
  2. The amount of texts I apparently sent and received from myself during my law school graduation ceremonies seem excessively high. All of the relevant codes make sense (AT, SMBH) except that sometimes my number is listed as Text Message, others it's MTM TEXT MESSAGE. I suspect that AT&T is not listing the other party to the text message on my bill, and that other person at times might be another AT&T Subscriber. I have not sorted through the rest of my bill to see if this happened on other days.

I am concerned because I have no way of confirming who is sending or receiving these texts to verify whether or not they are authentic. I don't want to dispute the bill if it is in fact correct, but I have no way of knowing this. As an example: on May 27th, the day of my graduation, my bill shows a total of 56 text messages. However, sorting through the texts on my phone only shows a total of 35 texts. Because my bill only lists my phone number as both the sender and receiver, I have no way of verifying if these messages actually did occur.


I know that listing the sending or receiving number is possible since later in the billing cycle phone numbers of people whom I recognize appear. Thanks for any help.


Preliminary info:

iPhone 3GS user since release day, 200 Limit Basic Text PackageUnlimited Data, no major issues with AT&T over the past two years.

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Re: Phantom Text Messages on Bill?

Hey, did you ever figure out what the problem was? My spouse wanted me to explain these SAME issues on our bill...but I'm clueless. There were tons of them and sometimes they read "text message" and sometimes "M2M"...but they were all to and from my own number. There were several sheets of them and sometimes several logged in a minute. Now I know I wasn't texing myself and I wasn't texting anyone else so I would love to know if you ever found out a solution. I can only figure that this is maybe some type of glitch or something.

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Re: Phantom Text Messages on Bill?

recomend anyone having questions about in bound out msg that are not recongnized to contact customer care 1-800-331-0500 support specialist will be able to ease your concerns what the messages are from. Also you have 90 days to dispute the charge waiting longer than 90days consents charges correct and may not be credited. disputing a bill is not a negative and shouldnt be looked upon as such. It clarifying the charges that were accrued.


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