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Performance of iPhone 4S vs. 4 and 3Gs?


Performance of iPhone 4S vs. 4 and 3Gs?

For those of you who actually received your new iPhone 4S -- if you were already using an AT&T iPhone 4 or 3Gs, are you seeing any differences (good or bad) in call quality, reception, or data speed? If you are seeing a difference, where are you located?


I haven't ordered my 4S yet, but I will as soon as things settle down a bit. Like many of you, I was a little disappointed that we didn't get an iPhone 5, but I'm thrilled to see a 64 GB option, since it means I no longer have to bring my iPod anywhere.


I have an AT&T 3Gs now, and my contract ended earlier this year. Interestingly, AT&T never sent me anything to encourage me to upgrade my phone and renew my contract, even when the 4S was launched. I also have Verizon wireless phones, and Verizon is constantly sending me e-mail and direct mail trying to get me to upgrade/renew. Not that I want to receive more marketing materials, but AT&T is definitely missing an opportunity here, especially since they're no longer the only iPhone carrier.


I actually tried swtiching back to Verizon when they started carrying the iPhone, but it didn't work out, mainly because the data performance was much slower than AT&T's, at least in my area (South Florida). If you're interested in the details, you can read about in my blog here:

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Re: Performance of iPhone 4S vs. 4 and 3Gs?

The 4S is definately speedier overall.  Comparing to a 4, the pages complete their load much faster.  Look for some videos on line.  That is definately the case on both cellular and wifi.


The camera on the 4 is very good but it is even better on the 4S.


Siri is amazing and has an attitude!



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Re: Performance of iPhone 4S vs. 4 and 3Gs?

I upgraded from the 4 to the 4s. It is definitely faster; web pages load much quicker. I haven't noticed any difference in call quality but ours has always been excellent (west TN). I haven't recorded video yet but the camera is awesome! I can tell the difference with the 8mp camera. Pictures are much sharper. I love the new editing feature, too, but I am disappointed that it doesn't save the original photo; it only saves the edited version. I've checked to make sure I'm not missing a setting but so far haven't found anything. Battery life is much better, too, even on our other 4 running the new iOS5.


And I love Siri!!  Smiley Very Happy


I am a happy AT&T customer and iPhone 4s user!!

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Re: Performance of iPhone 4S vs. 4 and 3Gs?

We're coming from the dinosaur ages.... 3G to the 4S ...


HOLY MOLEY! It's MUCH MUCH faster!!! (we live in the Hampton Roads area of VA).

And Facebook (which, i hate to say it... I LOVE facebook!) is INCREDIBLY speedy now and I can load 2-3 pages on my iPhone and have them completely finished before my MacBook Pro! Smiley Surprised

Now granted, that's over WiFi ...... but it is still way faster over 3G here (the 4S vs 3G). 

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Re: Performance of iPhone 4S vs. 4 and 3Gs?

I upgraded from 3GS to 4S and the difference is really noticeable. Specifically, the apps Spotify and Instagram load twice as fast and the scrolling in both is smooth. After the update to iOS5, my 3GS showed first signs of processor strain. Along with the hesitant scrolling, the lock screen would often become unresponsive and apps would freeze. I never had that problem until that upgrade. I do like Siri. It makes my life easier while driving. I don't have to look down to type and the recognition is spot on. I have to speak a little slowly, but it doesn't miss a word.

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