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I have been trying to pay my bill for the last two days.  I have registered and linked, follow the video etc... and still cannot pay my bill.  The agent that i spoke to could not help me.  I followed his instructions and something about a preimer account message appeared infact I think the agent hungup on me after I told him about the preimer account message.  I am now locked out of my account.  I have been paying my bills online with no problem until yesterday.  By the way I have a bill that is over due.  I am so ........( I just got censored) that I am done trying pay my bill for today. 

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Re: Payment

Have you tried using the phone automated system?  Dial 611 from your cell phone and follow the prompts.  It's the same as going online.  Having a Premier account (business account) shouldn't prevent you from being able to pay your bill.

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