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Pay as you go (GoPhone) switched over to regular monthly account


Pay as you go (GoPhone) switched over to regular monthly account



Does anyone know if it is possible to take an existing GoPhone, prepaid phone/phone number and 'convert' it to an account that is billed on a monthly basis??  I want to add my friend onto my account.  He currently uses a prepaid and I'm a monthly kind of girl.  Smiley Happy


Any information would be greatly appreciated.




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Re: Pay as you go (GoPhone) switched over to regular monthly account

Yes - probably the easiest thing to do is to visit a store with your boyfriend.  Make sure they simply change the account type on his existing prepaid account to post paid as the first step.  Do not let them give him a new phone number.  Then have them combine his post paid line of service into your post paid account, and you'll need to choose one of the family plan voice plans if you are currently on an individual post paid plan.


Your boyfriend should add any unused refill cards to his account prior to making the conversion to a post paid account type - the balance that he has on his account at the point it is converted will be applied as a credit to your first billing statement.  (But that won't happen if the store doesn't simply change the type of account and starts a new line of service/gives him a new phone number instead.)  Unused refill cards cannot be returned so your only other option for getting some value back out of them would be to give them to a friend, sell them on eBay, etc.

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