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Pay as you Go Registration Woes


Pay as you Go Registration Woes

I am using a Pay as you go Sim card. Wirelesss service is fine.


Problems started, when I tried to go thru the registration process in order to set up a credit card.


After accepting the terms and conditions I reach a page, where I am supposed to enter my personal information.


Problem is: Both fields for "Country" and "State" are drop down fields which just simply do not work. The field says "Select State" and that is it. If I try to submit the page the system complains that I did not select country and state. Which was not possilbe.


I did not find a way out of this loop. The AT&T help line was really not helpful. Seems the do not offer any support for this type of customers.


Anybody a clue how to fix this?


P.S: I tried 3 different browsers and my Android phone. So should not be a problem on my side.

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Re: Pay as you Go Registration Woes

There is another post in the forum referring to the same issue. Even though you are a pay as you go customer. Do you have an 800 number where you can reach a real person? I wonder if you call Att customer Service , if they can look up a number for you to call to see if you can register over the phone?
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Re: Pay as you Go Registration Woes

This was posted on the forums a bit ago on the community member who posted it said she was able to get around it by setting the language to Spanish. Here's the post. 


I have been working on getting this resolved  - thanks for letting us know you were having issues with it too. 




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Re: Pay as you Go Registration Woes

I "knew" ive seen a similar post. And should have known Jam had the resolution ! Smiley Wink
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