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Pantect Impact Will Not Connect to PC Through USB


Pantect Impact Will Not Connect to PC Through USB

I purchased a USB cord for my Pantech Impact. I also downloaded the Pantect PC Suite from pantech's site. I installed the program first. Then, I plugged my phone into the USB cord and plug it into the computer. When I try to connect via USB in the Connection Manage, it doesn't do anything. It won't connect. All the phone does is charge. Am I doing something wrong or what?

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Re: Pantect Impact Will Not Connect to PC Through USB

There are two types of USB cables for the Impact-- one that allows data transfer and one that allows charging only.  You need to order one that specifically says it works for music or data transfer.  Of course, it will cost more.

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Re: Pantect Impact Will Not Connect to PC Through USB

The description of the item I bought says : 


Pantech Impact Usb Data Transfer Sync Cable Link


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Re: Pantect Impact Will Not Connect to PC Through USB

1. It's possible the cable you bought is not as advertised. ETA: Pantech OEM hould have a blue arrow on the connector, like the green one on the charger.

2. The cable might be defective.

3. The phone is supposed to go into USB mode automatically when connected, so there is nothing to set on the phone. 

Do you get a "not connected" message in PC Suite? 

Does the phone show up as "New hardware" or any kind of connection with your PC?  This should happen even if you don't have PC Suite running.  Typically, charger only devices don't show up as a device.

4. Are you using a USB hub?  Sometimes devices will work if plugged directly into a port on the PC, but don't work on a hub.

5. Have you rebooted your PC since installing PC Suite, or just since the last time you tried connecting the phone?

ETA: Some folks have had trouble with Windows 7.  XP and Vista generate fewer complaints.


That's all I have for now, but it's a few things to try. 

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Re: Pantect Impact Will Not Connect to PC Through USB

Is there an easy way to tell which cable is which? My wifeis having the same trouble with her Ease, but she is trying to use the cable that came with the phone.


Why in the world would they make this so difficult? To save $.50 on a USB cable?

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Re: Pantect Impact Will Not Connect to PC Through USB

I only have one non-OEM data cable from UTStarcom, but here's what it looks like:


It works great with my Pantech Pursuit (should be same cable for Impact and Ease). Note the arrow is green rather than blue.  I got it for $9 shipped on eBay, but knew I was taking my chances that it would work.


When I plugged it into the PC, Windows Vista started installing drivers for it, and the phone showed up as a USB device.  On the phone itself, it gave me a choice of Music Transfer or Mass Storage.  This was without running PC Suite.  I chose Music, opened Windows Media Player, and was able to load music just by following the instructions there (drag, drop, then hit Sync).  I did use an 8Gb SD card.


When I started up PC Suite, I went to the connection page and indicated USB cable.  It took a couple of tries of opening and closing the software and plugging and unplugging the phone, but I had it going within five minutes.  Able to edit my Contacts in phone memory, but not to see files on the SD card.  I'll look further into that when I have time.  Suspect that I'll need to use Mass Storage rather than PC Suite to see the SD card.


I'll load this up on my son's PC (XP) and try it with his Pantech Impact, then post the results. 


I read back in this forum and saw some folks were having trouble with the drivers loading automatically with various phones, and with Windows 7 in particular.  That would explain why they can't do anything but charge.  This would be a PC problem rather than a cable problem.

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Re: Pantect Impact Will Not Connect to PC Through USB

The one thing different when we hooked up the Impact was having to open the phone to see the Music Player / USB Storage prompt.  While the phone was closed all we got was a message on the front saying "USB cable connected".  Opened it up, picked one of the choices, and then away we went.  Got a popup identifying the Pantech 7000, and the phone showed up in the sync screen in Windows Media Player.


No idea if sliding out the keyboard on the Ease will help.  I did not have to slide the keyboard on the Pursuit, likely because the touch screen is already available. 

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Re: Pantect Impact Will Not Connect to PC Through USB

My problem may help. Almost fixed.

I purchased 2 of the same usb for my impact. One for my XP computer and one for my Vista computer. My connection with XP works fine, no problems, but with vista, I have a partial connection. It will work with mass storage connection with the reader card in the phone. I just have to renavigate differently to comunicate with each other. Long and stupid process. The suite will not connect directly with the phone. I will check on the vista computer again, later on to see if the problem is with the 32 bit or 64 bit. Not sure. I hate Vista, and I think it's a 32 bit. Suppose to work.

There's nothing wrong with the cable, it's the operating system. Vista and 7 will be causing problems. Need to find a patch for it.

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Re: Pantect Impact Will Not Connect to PC Through USB

Rachacha, did you go to Program Files, Pantech and find the Driver folder.  When you load the program it does not load the drivers.  But in the Pantech folder in the Programs files you will find the driver.  maybe that will help you.

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Re: Panted Impact Will Not Connect to PC Through USB

So I've done all of these things. When I plug in the phone, the pc says "new hardware found", and the phone says "usb connected, insert extern. memory", but the phone will not connect in the pc suite or anything else. Do I have to have external memory for it to connect at all? I doubt it, so I tried to manually download the driver and the computer says "file phtdrbus.sys on the handset hsusb composite device driver instruction disk is needed". There is no disk, of course, and I've reloaded the pc suite 3 times and that file does not exist. Now this is the great part....I spoke to the tech at Pantech, and he says that the software does not work with virus protection programs, so I need to uninstall the suite, uninstall Norton, reinstall the suite, and live without virus protection.

Someone help.

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Re: Pantect Impact Will Not Connect to PC Through USB

That happened to me to! I really need to get my phone conneted. Did you figure it out?

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