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Pantech laser text limit?


Pantech laser text limit?

How many can the pantech laser hold..


I have read the limit is 300... which is crap imho..


I would hope it can handle at least 500..


can anyone confirm how many text it can handle?

I know samsung you can just go to "messaging" and then "used space" or something like that..


I know on other phone's there is no "limit" it just varies on how soon your phone starts getting bogged down..

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Re: Pantech laser text limit?



I have the Laser and the limit is 300.


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Re: Pantech laser text limit?

Is there any way to expand that limit?


I used to have a phone with a bottomless inbox. Once i got the laser my messaging memory was full after a few days. I like the phone, so i figured i'd still give it a shot. But, I don't think I can handle the annoyance of going back and deleting old messages any longer.


If this phone has the memory capacity to hold hundreds of photos, how can it possibly only hold 300 text messages? Is there any way to change the memory settings?

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