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Pantech impact wont connect to computer.


Pantech impact wont connect to computer.

I bought a data cable for my pantech impact. I have also downloaded the PC Suite, but when i try connecting my phone to my computer all it does is charge. But i am sure that it is a data cable and not a charging cable. Any advice???
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Re: Pantech impact wont connect to computer.

There are two separate USB cables available for the Pantech Impact: one to only charge the phone and one to only transfer data to and from the device, both when connected to a computer.  It sounds like you purchased the wrong cable.  

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Re: Pantech impact wont connect to computer.

It is a travesty Pantech would create a cell phone which requires the purchase of extra hardware to do simple things such as using earphones or transferring data. 


On the chance you did purchase a data cable, I am including the following which I came across on   Good luck and happy new year.


I also suggest you read the 3, 2, and 1 star comments also.  Here is the link to the data cable being discussed:



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