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Pantech Pursuit won't hang up!


Pantech Pursuit won't hang up!

  I just recently got the Pantech Pursuit as one of my spare upgrades.  For the first two days it worked fine and I had no complaints.


  Then on the third day I tried to make a call and the screen went all black and acted as if the phone was off.  But it was still calling the person!  I tried to press buttons, hang up, shut the phone off- everything!  But it wouldn't hang up.  I ended up leaving the person a very confusing voicemail while trying to figure out what was going on.  Eventually I had to take the battery out and restart the phone.


  I thought it could be a fluke, but no!  It works fine when someone calls me, but every time I try to call someone, without fail, it malfunctions.  I can't even check my bank balance via phone anymore because the bank requires you to enter your information on a keypad and I am unable to do so.  If someone calls me, I can hang up and press things no problem.  I've pressed every single button possible, thinking maybe it is 'locked' or something, but nothing works at all.


  It's pretty inconvenient.


  This phone is brand new, no water damage or physical damage of any kind.  I've had it for days now and I regret the day I chose it as my upgrade.


  How do I fix this?  Or should I return it and hope that the next one is better?

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