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Pantech Pursuit---RIP OFF!!!

Pantech Pursuit---RIP OFF!!!

Used the Pantech Pursuit for 2-3 weeks, plugged it into the charger it got REALLY hot, wouldn't turn back on, took it to the store, the moisture indicator on the side which is in right where the back closes shows moisture has been present...but not the big indicator in the middle of the phone...warranty doesn't cover it because of's NEVER been near water! Horrible phone and worse customer service, I've had ATT for 6 years and am now going to cancel service because of this phone.

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Re: Pantech Pursuit---RIP OFF!!!

I totally agree with this.   EXACT same situation.    Phone activated on 31 May, the little dot was red in a month or so. Oh, by the way, we live in Florida where it's known to be 100% humidity from May - Aug.   The local AT&T store salesman said the big red dot by the battery was the "main" dot, so no water damage, according to him.  Read on.     


I have a family of five, three teenagers, five phones in the house with Family Talk.  We've had washing machines, sinks, toilets, pools, and nearly every type water incident imaginable and been through the whole insurance deal before.    This time, the phone was legit broke and I just wanted a warranty replacement for once.   You would think AT&T would stand by a good, loyal customer, but the outsourced agents overseas taking warranty calls were having none of it.   For all I know, Pantech puts stickers on their phones that turn red in 30 days so they NEVER have to honor a warranty.    In my line of work, I visit places that use visitor badges that turn red and say VOID after 24 hours.    I've seen enough complaints about this phone to think this is the case.  


Dear AT&T:  I would also like to drop you and my $200+ monthly service bill and take my business elsewhere.    You have horrible customer service.  

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Re: Pantech Pursuit---RIP OFF!!!

I had a similar problem.  My phone stopped working after several months.  The dots were hazy pink.  Still some white.  The ATT rep said I had moisture damage.  When I told her it's never been wet she told me humidity could have cause that?!  So, I get another phone as one "family" phones was ready for an upgrade.  Had to pay the upgrade charge - even having been a customer for over 10 years.

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Re: Pantech Pursuit---RIP OFF!!!

Everyone pays the upgrade fee dstallin, tenure does not effect the charge appearing on the bill.
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