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Pantech Link P7040p Mobile Email


Pantech Link P7040p Mobile Email

I purchased the Pantech Link GoPhone from AT&T about 2 weeks ago.  I bought it for the $50 monthly unlimited plan which I understood to include voice, messaging and data.  Nowhere did it specify that email was not included.  Every time I try to set up an email account via my phone, it says I can start a free 30 day trial then pay $5/month.  I figured it was supposed to be included but nonetheless I had a 30 day trial, so why not?  Well, it turns out I can't even start the free trial because an error message pops up stating that I exceeded my account spending limit.  Mind you I have the $50 unlimited plan which I also have auto-refill activated so there should be no reason for this error!  I tried calling every customer care number I could find, but for some reason they all transfer me back to the same automated messaging system which does me no good.  I even added a $5 data package thinking that would let me bypass the stupid data error of "exceeding my spending limit" but the same message comes up.  Anyone else have similar issues with the mobile email? And does anyone know how to solve this issue?


Any help is much appreciated as I would like to keep the phone.  I'm not sure if there is any difference but I have the Link with the orange number pad, where this is also one with a blue number pad.  Also, on the packaging of the GoPhone box I bought, it stated it was $60/month unlimted plan, so I'm thinking this phone may be a little outdated which is why it won't let me activate my email account.  Not really sure if that has anything to do with it but figured it may help.


Again, any help would be beneficial!



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Re: Pantech Link P7040p Mobile Email

Was able to connect with an AT&T representative by calling 611 from my phone and selecting "Change Voicemail Password" option.  This will transfer you to a real person.  Here, I explained the issue ("I couldn't access my mobile email").  The representative was very competent and was able to help me enable my mobile email service.  Feel free to contact them if you still have any issues accessing your Mobile Email after reading the steps below.


Here are the steps:

1. Be sure you have at least $5 in your account before trying to access Mobile Email.  To add money to your account, either log on to the Pay As You Go website (, dial 611 and add money via your phone or purchase airtime cards from your local retailer (lowest increment is $15 I believe).

2. For me, there was already a designated Application for my Mobile Email in the Main Menu screen.  In this case, just click the Mobile Email tab and you will be notified of the 30 free trial offer.  Select OK and then follow prompts to create a new account.  For others, you may have to download the Mobile Email App which is available in the App Center on your phone.

3. You must keep at least $5 in your account to renew the Mobile Email service every month.


PLEASE NOTE: This is by no means a complete or error-free list.  Feel free to add or edit any part of this post by copying and pasting a new one below with new revisions.  I am not an AT&T employee, so I don't not claim any responsibility of any products, programs or descriptions within this post.  In other words, don't complain to me! Smiley Tongue


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