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Pantech Laser

So, I have been doing some research for a few days and I think I finally decided on a new phone....the Pantech Laser. I have heard bad things about it, but at the same time i have heard worse for other phones that have done great for me. I have also heard great things about it, but I do not know which to trust. Can anyone give me an opinion on what they think about this phone (opinion or personal experience is fine).


Thank You

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Re: Pantech Laser

While the Laser is a good choice and certainly has good looks and features, I have read bad raps with it in the Pantech section of this Forum. I typically do not trust Pantech phones because they often seem cheap and unreliable. I would not recommend getting it as your new phone, but it is totally up to you.

Good luck with your decision!

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Re: Pantech Laser

If you get one, keep it in a vac-sealed climate controlled box. Will not hold up.
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