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Pantech Impact PC Suite?


Pantech Impact PC Suite?

Just picked up an Impact last night to replace my Moto Razr. Moto had a Phonetools software suite which allowed you to back up contacts, add photos to the phone as wallpapers, etc. Nice piece of software. It came it handy. In the Impact owner's manual there is mention of a PC software suite available for download from their website that will serve the same purpose. Problem is there is no link on their very mediocre website to download this supposed software. A Google search linked me to the Curitel website that has downloads available for what appears to be European phone models. Anybody know of this software suite and if it is available in the States?

This phone does not have a USB port. The charging port is not a USB port. I see that in ATT accessories there is a USB data cable available for the Impact that has the proper connection to both the phone and the PC. Figures. Another 20 bucks out the door. 

Phone is pretty cool for what I need it for. Nice in blue.

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Re: Pantech Impact PC Suite?

Yeah, I bought a usb cable from a seller at amazon and so far haven't been able to get it to do anything except charge my phone (even with the PC Suite).    I contacted Pantech support via e-mail and they said this: 

The cable that you are using should have a 'BLUE' arrow on the part that
connects to the phone. Also on the part that connects to the PC should have
a Pantech Label on it with the Model Number 'PDC - UA16HS'on it. If your
cable that you are using does not have any of these then you are using the
wrong cable.

So I guess I'm going to have to go buy the "official" cable from att and see what happens.

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Re: Pantech Impact PC Suite?

We downloaded the suite and were able to hook up to the phone via bluetooth, no problems.


However, we've found that the Pantech Impact doesn't have the facility to handle repeating appointments.


Anyone else have this experiece? Or are we missing something


There also seems to be some strict limits as to the number of appointments that the phone can hold. What my wife had stored in her Outlook calendar, filled up the calendar, yet there was no error message. Just missing appointments. And, of course, it's the newest appointments that are missing. I went into the log file and found it reported there.


So we set up limits as to which dates to sync. But you can only sync 19 weeks into the future. We'd like to be able to sync, say the last month or so but ALL future appointments. But that's not an option. Looks like we will try to dump enough old appointments so that we can go back to syncing all appointments.


But that no reoccuring appointments is a real headache. My wife is going to have to go into Outlook and copy/paste to make her own reoccurance.

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Re: Pantech Impact PC Suite?

I picked up my data cable here:

Att makes enough money. I think they sell it for 20 bucks. This one works perfectly. Picked up a nice case on this site for 10 bucks. Case and cable for the same price as what Att is charging for the data cable.

Anybody else have a Windows run time error when trying to edit multiple contacts in your address book? I can edit one contact, re-save it to the phone but then when I try to edit another name the contact manager crashes and I have to re-open it. This is a pain because the software has to reload all my contacts from the phone and it takes a while. Running on Win XP. Hoping for a version update with bug fixes.

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Re: Pantech Impact PC Suite?

I have the Impact and my PC talking fine as far as my contacts in Outlook are concerned, but when I transfer my calendar stuff over everything shows up on my phone 2 hours off. 


I'm in Indiana which used to be screwy about which time zone they are in, but that was a couple of years ago.  My computer is showing Eastern time and I've marked my appointments to be in the correct time zone.  It's clock matches my phone's clock.


I've tried erasing the phone's calendar and reloading it, but they are still off.  


What am I missing?



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Re: Pantech Impact PC Suite?

We are having the same EXACT problems. Appointments are off by 2 hours. And we are in the Central time zone.


That and the fact that the phone won't do reoccuring appointments.


Any ideas on what to fiddle with to get this straightened out. Otherwise, my wife might need to return this phone.


The 2 hour thing has got to be a setting or bug.

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Re: Pantech Impact PC Suite?

I just spoke to Pantech support and they had me test the syncing by setting up a new appointment on my phone and sending it to Outlook and then setting up a new appointment in Outlook and sending it to my phone. 


Both tests worked fine with no time shift.  


The tech was totally confused and had no suggestions on why it is doing it with my older appointments and what to do about them.


I'm totally frustrated.  Can you try the same test of your wife's phone and see what happens?

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Re: Pantech Impact PC Suite?

Okay, this was annoying, but it worked.


I went through my Outlook Calendar and massively deleted anything I could (but I've only been switched to it and off Palm's desktop calendar for about 6 months).


Then I removed any reminders.


Then I went through what remained and made sure that each and every entry was on the correct timezone.


Then I erased the phone's calendar. 


Then I synced Outlook with Google Calendar, which I also use, having the settings set so that the Google Calendar was wiped and refilled by Outlook.  (This was my back-up in case the next step destroyed what I had in Outlook.)


And lastly I synced Outlook with the Impact, with it set to Normal syncing.  


And the phone's calendar is correct.  


The reoccuring items aren't there (still annoying), but what did transfer is at the right time.  


Good luck!

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Re: Pantech Impact PC Suite?

oh, and I only synced the calendar.
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Re: Pantech Impact PC Suite?

Thanks. We will do some playing around and see what if we come up with similar results.
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Re: Pantech Impact PC Suite?

I've got the exact same problem with the crashing of the program whenever I try to edit and/or delete a second time.  I do a lot of editing so I find this extremely frustrating.  Let us know if you hear of any fixes.  I suppose we will all keep limping along with the problems we encounter and try to find remedies.
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Re: Pantech Impact PC Suite?

With further playing, I have a couple of work arounds for reoccuring items


1.  If somethings runs for consecutive days, rather than putting it in as reoccuring, just stretch the start and stop times to cover the entire period.  this seems to load into the phone just fine.


2.  If something reoccurs on a weekly or monthly basis, enter it in as a task (play close attention to start and stop times) and then have Outlook set to generate the next occurance automatically.  


Neither will show up on your desktop calendar, but they will load into the phone's calendar.

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Re: Pantech Impact PC Suite?

I too am having the Run-time error. The program with the problem is PE.exe which is the Contact Manager. Even if you get the error when working with another part of the program it is the Contact Manager that is listed as the cause. I have also contacted Pantech tonight so of course no answer back yet.

The funny thing is that in an earlier email about the connections (I had the wrong cable - got the right one and connected via USB) they told me that "Unfortunately the PC suite is not supported through bluetooth." If that is the case then why does it have that option in the Connection utility and this software is only for the Impact and not their other phones???


What really baffles me is who developed this software? Nearly all of the Phone manufacturers have a "PC Suite" which tells me it is the same program modified for each manufacturer's phones. You know that if Pantech had developed it themselves they would not be able to name it the same as Nokia and many others.

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Re: Pantech Impact PC Suite?

My wife is not getting the run time error on her WinXP machine.


But she called Pantech support about the 2 hour off problem. They said that level 2 support would have to call back. That was over a week ago and no call.



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Re: Pantech Impact PC Suite?

if I've read this thread correctly

  • the PC Suite software isn't officially supported with Windows 7
  • the PC Suite software doesn't work with the USB data cable (at least, not on our Windows 7 laptops - it never shows as connected to the Impact)

... and

  • we only have Windows 7
  • my wife's computer doesn't have Bluetooth
  • she's mainly concerned with syncing Contacts from the SIM to Outlook Express

... do we have any hope? Is it worthwhile for us to go buy yet more hardware - a BT dongle (and if so, is there an inexpensive one that you'd recommend)?




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Re: Pantech Impact PC Suite?

It DOES work with USB. Some are having trouble with bluetooth. I don't know about Win7 support.


Our problems is that all appointments were off by 2 hours and it would just ignore reoccuring appointments.

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