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Pantech Ease


Pantech Ease

Pantech Ease: WHAT DO YOU THINK?


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Re: Pantech Ease

wait until AT and T gets off their fat glutimus maximus and actually gives you the tools you need to operate all the functions they claim this phone is able to my post called


how stupid is at and t

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Re: Pantech Ease

Had to reset to get Sent Messages folder to appear

Only getting 2-3 bars of signal.

Feels kind of heavy

Battery Hog

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Re: Pantech Ease

I returned it after 7 days. Didn't like it, slow going thru all the menus, the touch pads are real touchy, the keys to text are hard to push


Think I'm going  Blackberry, when I rec'v refund for phone mailed back yesterday.

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Re: Pantech Ease

I've had my for about a week and so far I love it.  The software is a little slow, but I can live with that.

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Re: Pantech Ease

I've had it for about a week and like it. I did notice one quirk with the main screen: you have to "wipe" it only half-way across the screen (not all the way across); otherwise, it will not be reponsive to your effort. Also, I have had it shut off when closing the Qwerty keyboard, usually after sending a text message.


Few other phones have the voice-to-text feature which is fun to play with. The volume/vibrator is customizable which is important to know--from a hearing-impaired point of view, also, you may want to turn off the vibrator which may cause excelerated battery depletion.

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