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Pantech Ease reboots when features are accessed


Pantech Ease reboots when features are accessed



Phone will reboot intermittently when the following features are accessed - viewing pictures, making phone calls.


It's got a sanDisk 8gb micro SD card.


This is the 2nd Ease we've had in less than a month. My daughter says it's also got a slow response on the touch screen.


I've been able to access the SD card via SanDisk's utilities and the Pantech connectivity suite.


Pantech technical support suggested a master clear/master reset of the phone.


Any suggestions for a comparable phone if this doesn't work?



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Re: Pantech Ease reboots when features are accessed

I can't ease also reboots when accessing address bok, attaching photos to addresses, etc.  They sent a new phone and that one is doing the same thing.  I think it is a design flaw in the phone itself, but noone wants to fess up.

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