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Pantech Ease Display will not time out


Pantech Ease Display will not time out

My wife and I both have a Pantech Ease.  We've had a very bad problem with the display not timing out.  In other words, the display should go off after 5, 10, 15 seconds or more depending on the setting, and the phone will automatically lock out.   However, quite often, but not always, the display will not go out.  This results in a battery run down and a warm phone.  I have not yet found any sequence of phone-handling events that might lead up to this.  Sometimes it acts normally and does time out.  I've tried master reset twice on both phones, yet the problem persists intermittently.  I've been told to try a master clear, but, of course, that will wipe out all of my phone numbers, pictures, etc.  If I felt confident that that would work, I'd go ahead, but I have my doubts.  Any suggestions?

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