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Pantech Crossover 2.3 Upgrade

Pantech Crossover 2.3 Upgrade

Hey! I just got this phone and I love it! I love the talk recongnition and the animation is so smooth. I have been searching stuff online and I saw a article that says this phone will be getting a 2.3 upgrade you can see it here


This was posted in July and I have been searching and no one really noticed that this phone hasn't got its upgrade. I press software update in the settings tab and it says no software updates found. DO I need to put my GPS on? I have it disabled atm.

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Re: Pantech Crossover 2.3 Upgrade

Ya what the heck you promise back in June of 2011 and nothing. Don't forget to keep your promises to customers! Or don't say anything
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Re: Pantech Crossover 2.3 Upgrade

I would like to know as well..because a lot of web sites use newer security certificates and the crossover is out of date PLUS web sites that use flash content will not load AND adobe flashplayer does not run on this phone Smiley Sad
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