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Pandora Issues


Pandora Issues

Hi all,


I am having some major issues with Pandora. 


I have Pandora One and used to use it on my iPhone all the time with no problem.


Ever since I switched to the HTC One X, it can't even make it past 1 song without stopping, "Buffering...", and just skipping to the next song. It sometimes even skips 2 songs and spends a long time "Buffering..."


Anyone experiencing similar issues?


Please help!

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Re: Pandora Issues

Wait for an update for the app as it really sounds app-related.  Personally, I would recommend Jango Radio to Pandora.

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Re: Pandora Issues

I have the One X, and Pandora works fine with no issues.  So unlikely its an issue with the app needing to be updated.  Try uninstalling Pandora, and re-installing.  Also, you sure network speed is not an issue?  Does the problem occur on a decent WiFi network? 

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