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Pairing the backflip and the sync in my car


Pairing the backflip and the sync in my car

Does anyone know how to pair this with the vehicles sync? I cannot get my phone to scan for devices or to have a place to enter the code my car gives to pair the two. The manual hints there is an optional device needed but doesn't say what.


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Re: Pairing the backflip and the sync in my car

Bluetooth Settings Overview


Connect Bluetooth Devices


When the phone finds your car's bluetooth device a text entry field should pop-up to enter the pin.


On some cars (Fords, with Sync) I have read posts that say that the time to enter the pin is short. There is an alternative setting for the pin in the Ford sync system that allows for the standard 4 digit pin instead of the 6 digit that is the default.




Details on the vehicle's specific device would be helpful.

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