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PLEASE help, lg vu phone ! Please :(


PLEASE help, lg vu phone ! Please :(

I recently got a lg vu phone from my friend because my phone broke. When i got it she told it didnt hold a charge. I reset it that day and had it on the charger for the night while i slept. The next day the phone had 3 bars untill almost 8 pm witch is good. But today my phone had died while i was out and when i came home i put my phone on the charger and normally it would just turn on and charge but today it just went to the AT&T screen and then it turned off, then when on the AT&T screen again and then turned off and it stills repeats itself. I dont know what i should. Should i get a new battery? Should i just leave it on the charger for a couple hours ? PLEASE help !

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Re: PLEASE help, lg vu phone ! Please :(

My daughter's LG Vu did the same thing.  You might want to check at an AT&T store to see if the charger itself has a problem.  They may have another charger to try.  They charged my daughter's phone on their display charger for me.  We ended up having to do a warranty exchange on the phone because the problem was the phone.  A new battery might help, if you don't spend much on it.  The Vu is an older phone and just might be finished. 

You may need to upgrade with AT&T if you are able to do so now.  If not, you can try ebay or craigslist for an inexpensive replacement.  Also, AT&T offered us a one time replacement of one certain phone for $40.  It was a once in a lifetime deal for that line-her phone got wet and would not work correctly.  She was a student and could not afford a more expensive phone, so this worked for her.  You might ask at an AT&T corporate store about what phone they might have available now as a one time deal.  This was not an upgrade, it just allowed her to get another phone without paying the full price.

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