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Just an fyi for BlackBerry users (like myself) -- this "strategic review" that Research-in-Motion is currently undertaking ain't going so hot... I am predicting a fire sale of all RIM patents within the next 5 months, followed by a chapter 7 bankruptcy filing (as in liquidation, not reorganization)...this is a company headed toward total obsolescence due to their own faults, failures and mis-steps ...constant new OS delays, hardware delays, faaaaaaar behind the innovation curve in consumer trends and an (understandable) lack of dedicated app developers who believe in a viable future -  have all led to this inevitable conclusion....I have long since given up hope for a "miraculous comeback" -- it would be simply ignorant not to recognize the obvious trend towards oblivion.....I just wish I had no invested so much in their horrific products....very telling by the way that BB Support -- which had been in weekly contact with me regarding corrupt calendar / contact files on my Torch 9810 all of a sudden stoppped reaching out to me....probably unfortunate victims of the mass lay-offs underway....I am looking (and would suggest others) to look for a new OS to rely on going forward.....stick a fork in RIM, they are done.

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Re: - Celestica to "Wind Down" Manufacturing for RIM....countdown to RIM bankrup

Well, they will reduce the number of phone models from something like 20 they have now to just a few when BB10 gets going, so of course they won't need the 10 manufacturing plants across the globe.  That's just common business sense. 


Doesn't mean it's over.


I actually like what I see about the BB10 phones and will wait it out.  If it doesn't work out, then I'll move on.


But the RIM hating press only says what Apple wants them to say.  Means nothing to me.

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Re: - Celestica to "Wind Down" Manufacturing for RIM....countdown to RIM bankrup

Dunno about the "press conspiracy" -- facts are facts and RIM losing market share, laying off thousands of workers, drastic management change-ups, not delivering devices and OS on time, manufacturers ceasing production, etc, etc are facts, not opinions.  


I don't wish them to fail -- I have used BlackBerry devices for years and purchased them for personal use because I liked them -- but if I want to be honest: they have vastly underperformed and did not do a good job managing their business and development.  



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