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PC will not recognize ipone 4 anymore


PC will not recognize ipone 4 anymore

does anyone have this problem. ever since some parts of the icloud were

turned on when i plug in my iphone my computer does not recogize it.

in the past my computer icon would recogize a new device being plugged

in. which was how i downloaded photos. thanks for any help

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Re: PC will not recognize ipone 4 anymore

The new features turned on in iTunes has nothing to do with it not recognizing your iPhone.

Here's a novel thought, try some basic troubleshooting.
Close/relaunch iTunes.
Try connecting to a different USB port.
Reset or Restart the device.
Reboot the computer.
Try a different sync cable.

Try any or all of the above and then come back and tell us what is happening. If you are still having problems and provide specific details, we might be able to assist you.
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