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Otterbox Defender causing No Sim Error

Otterbox Defender causing No Sim Error

Thought I would run this by you for some opinions before I make an appointment with the Genius bar. I know there have been prior threads about the "no sim error" but couldn't find anything about an Otterbox causing this.


We have two iPhones; a 4 and a 4S. We both have been using an Otterbox Impact series skin for a long time but recently purchased two new Otterbox Defenders. I put them on our phones on Friday and we left to go eat. About 30 minutes later my partner pulled out her iPhone (4) and immediately noticed it said "no sim card". My phone (4S) was fine. I rebooted her phone and all seemed well. Then on Saturday she comes home from work with the "no sim" error again. She has to keep her phone on silent while at work so we weren't sure how long it had been like that. I turned the phone off, removed & cleaned the sim card/tray and reinstalled it. Put the Defender case back on and all seemed ok again until about 15 minutes later when the error appeared again. So I took the Defender off again, turned the phone off and back on and the error went away. So I'm thinking 1) is the sim card going bad or 2) is the tightness of the Defender case putting too much pressure on the sim tray? So to do some "ruling out" I decided not to put the Defender back on but instead go back to the Impact skin. BINGO! It's been 17 hours and have NOT seen the error again! So my thought is its the sim tray because if the sim card was going bad then we should be getting that error regardless of what skin/case the phone is in.


1) Should I go to AT&T first and get a new sim card and try the Defended again?

2) Skip #1 and make an appointment with the Genius Bar to have the phone checked out?


Sorry for the long post but any thoughts/suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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Re: Otterbox Defender causing No Sim Error

The issue may be triggered by the Defender case but it is probably an issue with the phone and the tray/sim.  ATT cannot do anything for you as they do not provide hardware support.  Go to the Apple store and see the genius bar.  Make an appointment first as walk-in times can be hard to come by.  


I personally use both the Defender and the Commuter Series cases depending up my need for the outing/work and have not experienced this issue and hence leading me to a hardware/sim issue.  The cases do not conduct anything so I believe it comes down to the pressure on the tray causing something.  You should be able to use that defender without this issue.


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Re: Otterbox Defender causing No Sim Error

Thanks youngjm, that's what I was thinking, too (hardware issue). I thought it might be a waste of time getting a new sim card. I'll schedule a Genius bar appointment today! 

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Re: Otterbox Defender causing No Sim Error

Im using otterbox aswell no issue so far.
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