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Ordered refurb iphone 4; backordered?


Ordered refurb iphone 4; backordered?

I've never really had a problem with ordering phones before, but I ordered two refurb Iphone 4s and only after I was charged did the system tell me they were backordered.  Does anyone know typically how long this might take?  Am I better off canceling the upgrade? 

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Re: Ordered refurb iphone 4; backordered?

The EXACT same thing happened to me yesterday...i think it's bogus that I got charged first, THEN told they didn't have the phone they charged me for, and that if it does take LONGER than 30 days they will cancel my order. The phone I have now is 100% not working, hence the reason i ordered an iphone....It's definitely making me rethink if "upgrading" was worth it.
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Re: Ordered refurb iphone 4; backordered?

Either of you get your phone yet????

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