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Option GT Ultra help


Option GT Ultra help

I called tech because I am not getting the speeds I should be based on their maps. The lady had me change my card to 2g only to see if it helped. It did not. I thought we changed it back to automatic but I see it still says "2G only". I know I clicked on communications manager and then hit "ctrl,shift, and F9". What do I enter to get back to automatic selection? 
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Re: Option GT Ultra help

ot sure if this wil work for you, but you can give it a shot:

PPP setupOperation mode:
  • at_opsys=0,2 (GPRS only)
  • at_opsys=1,2 (UMTS only)
  • at_opsys=2,2 (prefer GPRS)
  • at_opsys=3,2 (prefer UMTS)

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Re: Option GT Ultra help

The answer was AT_OPSYS=5.
I got this from a tech at ATT. Thank you for setting me on the right path.
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