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Option GT MAX 3.6 sim card


Option GT MAX 3.6 sim card

I have just bought the Option GT MAX 3.6 with unlimited data plan, but where I use it, I do not receive a signal. I have tried using the external antenna port, and different types of antenna (within the bag I carry it in) does not seem to help.. I can not put antenna out where it would do any good..

What I want to know is  IF I take the sim card out of the PC card, and place it in my phone, tether it to my laptop, would that be OK with AT&T ?  My Phone gets 2 bars, and it seem work great, I just want to make sure before I keep connecting like this?

OR any ideas on how to use the external antenna jack, with something small I can keep in my PC bag,..

Also, I was thinking about switching to the Sierra Wireless AirCard® 881 card, would this be better.. ?


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Re: Option GT MAX 3.6 sim card

yes, you can use a laptop connect sim card to tether via phone.
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Re: Option GT MAX 3.6 sim card

can you buy a pc card and use a SIM card from a phone [w. unlimited internet] in the PC card.  [not activate a new plan just for internet for use with the pc card]
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Re: Option GT MAX 3.6 sim card

If that phone's SIM has a tethering plan, yes. (Possibly.) If it only has unlimited data, no.


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