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Opt-out SMS -> blackhole


Opt-out SMS -> blackhole

I chose to opt out of SMS as I have an iPhone and I see no reason to use this technology. It's great that I don't get spammed, but when legitimate people send me legitimate messages, they see "message sent" on their screen and have no idea that I am in fact not receiving them. Shouldn't they be told that their messages are not getting to me? Or does the SMS protocol not offer this option?



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Re: Opt-out SMS -> blackhole

I agree there is no reason to have and use SMS. It is old, crude, limited in size, and a monster cash cow for the carrier. Don't expect them to improve it as you might desire. Suggest instead that you get a google voice account and set it up to forward along SMS to your email account. That way your contacts who cannot use email can text away and you can answer them no problem.
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