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One week in Mexico


One week in Mexico

I will be traveling to a resort in Mexico for 1 week.  My family is worried about me and want to keep in touch by cell phone (mine is a Samsung A777).


I see that AT&T offers a Worldconnect plan at $3.99 per month - making the land rates $0.09/min and mobile rate $0.25/min. 


What other fees are associated with this plan?  My current plan includes roaming/LD in the US.  Would the $3.99/mo plan at $0.09/min include roaming and LD?  What about my family calling my cell phone in Mexico?  How does that work? 


I do not want any hidden charges but want to know upfront if I'm going to pay (1) $3.99 for one month of service; (2) $0.09 (or $0.25/min land line) per minutes each time I call from my cell phone to the U.S. or receive calls on my cell phone from the U.S.

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Re: One week in Mexico

That World Connect rate if for calling from the US to a foreign country, so in your case, it doesn't apply.


What you want is "World Traveller" ($5.99/month).  The undiscounted rate for Mexico is $0.99/min, with World Traveller, its $0.59.  And you can add/remove World Traveller whenever you want.  So its probably worth adding it for at least this month, if you plan on talking with your family for any significan length of time.


You will get charged for BOTH sending and receiving calls.  Your family won't get charged extra for calling your cell, it would be exactly as if they were calling your cell while you were in the US (take away from their minutes, if applicable, etc.).


Be sure to call ATT and make sure roaming in Mexico is enabled.  It might be by default (I think Canada and Mexico are).  But it doesn't hurt to make sure BEFORE you travel, and avoid headaches while you are on the road.


Texts work great while travelling.  The international text rate is $0.50/message (domestic texting plans don't apply), and you only get charged to send, not to receive.  And your family won't get charged extra (same as if they were texting you in the US).

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Re: One week in Mexico

Thanks so much Redpoint73!  That's what I needed to hear.  Appreciate you help here.

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Re: One week in Mexico

Here's what I do, and it works great for me....I went to a Tel-Cell store in Mexico, bought a cheap nokia phone for about $300 pesos ($25) comes with mexican number, home charger and $100 pesos free airtime. On this service you can receive calls from anyone, including international and not be charged any roaming charges or incurr any minute usage for your phone...I turn muy USA phone off at the border and turn my Mexico phone on, my family has my mexican number if they need to call, and I can use my mexican phone to make local calls. I can also enhance my Mexican phone to make US calls if I wanted to....I don't...they call me when they need me...they sell recharge cards just about everywhere in Mexico...FELIZ VIAJE!

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