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Once Again ATT!

Once Again ATT!

I was on the phone for a whole hour just to get the Silent Update (OTA Update) for my Samsung captivate 2.2 non rooted

I called for the issue that the non market security block. Att released an update disabling the security to download third party apps


Exactly Similiar^^ but this time i tried the new online chat? Well guess what it didnt help either the representative said she never heard of the captivate getting an update to disable the security non market downloading block..

So once again she "looked it over" and said to wait 24 hours for update and if not wait for 2.3?

What in the ? Many people on the forums here have told me that they got the update through online chat. does at&t hate me or do i always get stuck with non working representatives



And if i was to wait for 2.3 it would be until February 2012? yeah  no... i need the update now and today im supposed to get a call from att saying if i got the update cause i called three days ago and that representative said it should take 72 hours...


ATT please get better service im TIRED

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Re: Once Again ATT!

Better check w/ Tech Representative if all the setting on your phone are correct maybe you have a purchase blocker turned on, on your phone.
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Re: Once Again ATT!

I responded to you in this thread and requested you send me a private message so I could assist. 


Will you please take a look at my response there? I'm going to close this thread since you've already created a thread with this issue. 




As of May 1st, I am no longer serving as the Community Manager for AT&T. This account will no longer be able to accept private messages.

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