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Old At&T phone as a GoPhone?


Old At&T phone as a GoPhone?



I have an older PANTECH IMPACT P7000 (origianlly used on At&T network) that has not been in used recently and I don't have a SIM card for.


Would I be able to use this phone with the new $25 (250 voice & unlimited text) no contract plan?

If would I go about doing that?


Thanks for your help.

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Re: Old At&T phone as a GoPhone?

Just go to an AT&T corporate store and buy your refill there. You may get a sim card for free.
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Re: Old At&T phone as a GoPhone?

Yes, you can use an old Pantech Impact on the $25 monthly plan. You could use it on any plan if you'd like, if you wanted to switch or something.

You'll need to obtain a prepaid GoPhone SIM card. You can either get one from an AT&T store (the cost is about $25, although it has been said that they will waive the cost of the SIM if you add money to your new account in-store) or from online retainers such as eBay. eBay SIMs work great and are very cheap to purchase.

Once you have a SIM, it needs to be activated. You can then add money to your account and begin using your phone. If you purchase a SIM online, you will have to activate it yourself (it's a simple process). If you go to an AT&T store, they will likely activate it for you and you can add money at that time as well.

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Re: Old At&T phone as a GoPhone?

Thanks for the info.

I was looking on ebay for sim cards and had a question. 

Are there general SIMS and specific SIMS for Gophones?


I saw some labeled as with GoPhone packaging like this:


Or are they all the same and this is what I need:


Once I have a sim I register it and set up the $25 / mo plan trough the At&T site?



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Re: Old At&T phone as a GoPhone?

The second SIM card you listed (the orange one) is the one that I would buy. It's cheaper and I believe it is also newer. I'm not sure if I saw "3G" listed on the other one.

Yes. Once the SIM has been delivered to you, you will need to activate it. During the activation process, you would sign up for the $25 monthly prepaid plan. It sounds like you are good to go.

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