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Okay - Need help

Okay - Need help

Okay today i got the at&t USBConnect 881 card for my Windows Vista laptop. I got the 3-day trial that i'm currently using right now. My current speeds for this card is this: like 150kbps and 77kbps upload speed. I'm only getting this right now: 7-12kbps downloading speed. I got 5 bars all the time because i live near the tower. I am currently using 3G Connection. Any ways to make this speed up some? Im on the trial and I don't feel like paying $59.99 a month if this doesn't speed up. Thanks.
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Re: Okay - Need help


    Those speeds are consistent with what we would expect form an EDGE connection?  Do you see the 3G fireball or bolded 3G icon in the communication manager/3G water that you are using?  I  can also perform and address verification if you want to send me an address near where you are utilizing the card.

As for the trial information, you have a 30 day trial from any corporate AT&T location, however you would be expected to pay the activation fee if you keep the service for longer than 3 days ($36 in the case of a data rate plan).

I hope this helps!

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Re: Okay - Need help

I had the same problem when I started using my card.  I posted this to another question. It may help you.
"Do you get the little orange 3G symbol above the indicator bars in the communications manager box?  If so, you are in the 3G area.  Have you turned off the acceleration feature?  It kills your speed in a 3G environment.  It is under the Tools/Settings/Acceleration Tab of the communications manager."
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Re: Okay - Need help

Okay well, i cant find that tab. Yes, I have 3G and EDGE. Are there any ways to make them faster?

P.S. If your downloading a file, the speed is 18-25kbps.
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