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Okay, I need help ASAP!


Okay, I need help ASAP!

I broke my LG Thrive. Smiley Sad Sad, I know.

My grandmother gave me an old at&t phone to use until I get my phone fixed.

I tried putting my sim in this phone and it wouldn't work, why is this?

What do I do?

I can't login on at&t to port the number or anything either.. :/

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Re: Okay, I need help ASAP!

Didn't you just get it a few months ago? Smiley Happy

First of all, what kind of error message are you getting? Something such as "Invalid SIM Card" or "SIM not provisioned MM#2"? Or is there something else that could be causing the problem that you are seeing on the phone?

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Re: Okay, I need help ASAP!

Have you used the current sim for at least 6 months? I think the prepaid sims are locked to original Phone until 6 months have passed. I would call AT&T to see if that's the issue.
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Re: Okay, I need help ASAP!

The Prepaid SIM Cards are SIM Locked to that particular phone for a time period for up to 6 months. Call Customer Care and explain your situation and if you have any old AT&T SIMs laying around, just give them the IMEI number of that particular SIM and you should be on your way.

Hope this helps.
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Re: Okay, I need help ASAP!

I had the same problem. I had a GoPhone with the SIM locked to it, I called ATT and they unlocked it for me. I currently use a Samsung Galaxy S Captivate.
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Re: Okay, I need help ASAP!

adden96: a sim card can not be reused. You can't just give them the number of an old sim and have it activated.
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