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[OFFICIAL] Atrix 4G on March 6 - $199.


[OFFICIAL] Atrix 4G on March 6 - $199.

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Re: [OFFICIAL] Atrix 4G on March 6 - $199.

the pricing on this is ridiculous and is making the internet angry.  read any of the gadget forums/comments.  there's already a hitler parody.


1. the tethering plan requirement is bogus.  the fact that they are requiring a tethering plan to get the bundled price is pure gouging.  the laptop dock requires no tethering at all.  the phone powers the screen.  


2. the laptop dock should be $150.  seriously... $500 for a dock?  tell me why I shouldn't buy a laptop instead?



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Re: [OFFICIAL] Atrix 4G on March 6 - $199.

It never fails that AT&T's policies and pricing ruins another perfectly good device.  $500 for a dock that is just a battery and screen?  Are you kidding me?  Why are you taking great features that are the main selling points of this device and pricing them out of reach for the consumer?


I still don't understand why anyone should have to pay additional to tether when they are on a capped data plan?  If on unlimited, sure make me switch or charge an extra $10-20 to stay unlimited and get tethering, but if I am paying for the right to use 2GB worth of data I should be able touse that data any way I see fit.  Data is data.  Using 2GB via a laptop is no different then 2GB on a phone.  Sure I may burn through it quicker, but that's my choice not yours AT&T.  Now combine the ridiculousness of paid tethering with the requirement to to have that feature while in the dock that runs a browser within the phone is pure price gouging.  If I plug this phone into the dock its not tethering, its all running through the phones hardware and network, there is no tether happening. 


If you don't want to lose even more customers to Verizon you really need to remove your head from your rear and get with the times.  The smartphone and tablet space are growing exponentially every year.  If you want to stay relevent as a provider you need to start working on customer loyalty and provide timely updates for these mobile computers, customer centric pricing on competitve featres, and quality customer service and support. 


I have been an AT&T customer for a long time and stupid decisions like this make me seriously consider jumping to Verizon where their Android offerings are far more diverse and their policies and pricing are not entirely about screwing their customer base.

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Re: [OFFICIAL] Atrix 4G on March 6 - $199.

C'mon AT$T, stop being greedy. 'Bundle' a 11" netbook (no memory, no CPU/GPU and so on) with a thethering plan just for the sake of using that web platform and a Firefox browser? I guess is a win-win for both Motorola and AT&T. I'm only buying this phone 'cause I still have my unlimited data and I already have 2 laptops so no need for the dock. But also I might wait for XDA for news to see if it can be root-able 'cause I won't buy a dual core only for the AT&T 'aproved' Android Market. At list the phone's price is all right (not like I paid for the Tilt 2 $299 at launch). Oh, btw they will increase 2GB for those with thethering, at least you get extra for paying extra...
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Re: [OFFICIAL] Atrix 4G on March 6 - $199.

I sincerely hope that all of the angry posters bashing this latest AT&T fiasco will vote with their wallets and not buy into this racket. I MAY buy the phone. I WILL NOT buy the laptop dock as long as their current standing on tethering remains. I hope AT&T stocks the shelves and is stuck with them because of their greed.


I was excited for this phone... yesterday. Now I can't have enough negative things to say about you.


Good job.

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Re: [OFFICIAL] Atrix 4G on March 6 - $199.

The HD Media Dock (which will retail for about $60) can be hooked up to a HDMI compatible monitor/ TV, a keyboard and a mouse. From reviews I saw that you can still experience the Webtop environment with Firefox and all. The question is: will AT$T require the tethering addon to my plan if I buy/ use the Media dock?
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Re: [OFFICIAL] Atrix 4G on March 6 - $199.

The pricing is worse than most people seem to realize.


It's $200 for the phone w/ 2 year contract.

It's $400 for the dock w/ 2 year contract, and 60 days later you can send off for a $100 mail in rebate. AND you have to get tethering.


So let's recap: You will need to pay $600 for the phone and dock with the contract. You will need a voice plan, a data plan (with data plus), and a tethering plan.


The saddest thing is the dock has exactly the same functionality as the phone, except it also has the desktop version of firefox. Even though it looks like it in the demos, you do not get a full fledged desktop! There are going to be a lot of returns when people preorder, then find out how limited the desktop is, as well as how sluggish it performs.



I would have been in line if the rumors were true -- $150-200 for phone, $150 for dock, and signed up with AT&T for another 2 years. As it stands, there's no reason to stay.

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Re: [OFFICIAL] Atrix 4G on March 6 - $199.

The dock is a great idea, but if I'd want something larger I'd just buy a Nook Color and root it with Honeycomb for half the price.
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Re: [OFFICIAL] Atrix 4G on March 6 - $199.

I know I am still considering this phone unless something better is announced at MWC, then I will take a loook at switching carriers. My purchase we largely depend on how quickly they device is rooted and sideloading can be enabled.  I guess my Xoom will have to hold me over when I pick that up at the end of the month.

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Re: [OFFICIAL] Atrix 4G on March 6 - $199.

I was so excited to buy this phone,  I couldn't wait for the release date,  but not with that pricing for the dock, and the tethering. Come on tethering? What am I tethering, I'm sorry that the laptop dock lets me actually use the data that I pay to use. If I go over charge me an overage, but don't make me get tethering for an accessory that doesn't even work without the phones computational power.  This is ridiculous.  

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Re: [OFFICIAL] Atrix 4G on March 6 - $199.

I'll probably wait on this one for now. No way I'm gonna preorder it. Maybe AT&T comes out with something else. I also might check out the Bionic on Verizon if their LTE data prices are all right. The AT$T's Inspire came too late in the game... and now that the Tegra's are out don't feel like buying a single-core (it's just me).

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Re: [OFFICIAL] Atrix 4G on March 6 - $199.

I am suprised that AT&T has not responded to the vehement response to the pricing. Both of the tethering plan and the laptop dock. This is something I just cannot figure out, how could anyone put the price point at $499? Here is a reality check, take the $499 cost of the laptop dock and see what you can get for that much, such as:



Intel® Pentium® Dual Core™ T4500 (2.3GHz/800MHz FSB/1MB cache) 
4GB Shared Dual Channel DDR3 at 1333MHz 
Inspiron 15 Notebook (Inspiron N5030) Fast Track 
Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator X4500HD 
6-Cell Lithium Ion Primary Battery, 48 Whr 
15.6" High Definition (720p) LED TrueLife™ Display (1366x768) with Integrated Webcam 
High Definition Audio 2.0 
8X CD / DVD Burner (Dual Layer DVD+/-R Drive) 
Wireless Network Card 802.11 b/g/n



This is the hardware I can get from Dell for $479.


Depending on build quality I would pay up to $150 for the laptop dock. I will buy the phone at $199 with 2 year contract as it is in line with expectations and competition. I think that it is the best Android phone at this time, and near future. I am also with most of you on the tethering plan, not only should it not matter what kind of data my 2GB plan uses, and the laptop dock is not tethered to the phone, but the plan adds an "extra" 2GB of use, which is what you would pay if you go above the limit you have (at $10 per 1GB).


So, AT&T, come on out and justfy your pricing strategy. The most interesting dynamic I have seen is the huge excitement in early January up to the press release that praised you for getting serious in the Android market. Then from the press release to now (4 days) the flood of lamentation from existing and potential customers on this gross mishandling of the Motorola Atrix 4G launch.


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Re: [OFFICIAL] Atrix 4G on March 6 - $199.

Is funny that AT&T is advertising this dock as a "laptop-like experience". There's no way it can replace a laptop. There's some missing pieces from that experience like storage and lack of multimedia. Do they expect me to keep my documents on the phone's 16 (expandable to 48) GB, or on the cloud? Or my music, pictures or movies? How about gaming? What if I lose the phone, which is a lot easier to lose or break than a laptop? How about listening a CD or playing a DVD?
The idea is nice and all, but falls short in many aspects, especially for the price - $500. People will realize and there will probably be returns. In my opinion, the dock price is 'enforced' by AT$T under the exclusivity contract with Motorola, so they can bundle the phone and dock with extra thetering charges. When the exclusivity ends we'll see those docks for under $250 retail.
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