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Number Porting Questions


Number Porting Questions



I currently have two lines on a shared plan.  The primary number on the account is out of contract, and the secondary line still has some time left on its sentence.


I am interested in porting out the primary number, and keeping the secondary active on an individual plan.  If I were to initiate the port as-is, would AT&T terminate both lines?  If so, is it possible to switch the lines, so that my primary number is the secondary on the account?  Or do I need to do something different?



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Re: Number Porting Questions

Once you port out the number, it is a per-line basis. You can port just one line and leave the secondary line on the account. At that point, you CAN convert it to an individual plan and it would be the only line left on the account. AT&T does not have to cancel both lines.


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