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Not sending/receiving texts


Not sending/receiving texts

I just activated my go phone yesterday. I am on the $25- 250 calling, unlimited text plan. I am currently not able to send/receive text messages to/from anyone except those who also have AT&T as their provider. What can I do to fix this so I can send/receive texts to/from everyone? Thanks

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Re: Not sending/receiving texts

Personally, I'd give it a day or so and then if you are still unable to send/receive texts with outside carriers, I'd contact customer service to have them check your account provisioning for SMS within the network and have them file a trouble ticket if they cannot resolve it.  (It may just take a day or two for the new account information to work it's way through the intercarrier SMS delivery system - that's why I'd (personally) give it a bit before making the effort of a phone call.)


If you do need to call customer service, think about a couple of things first so that you can provide as complete information as possible - do your friends with outside providers send/receive texts from other at&t customers without any issue?  (i.e. it is only you that they have an issue with)  If so, that points to a provisioning issue with your specific account within the network; but if they have trouble with other at&t customers as well, it may be a problem on at&t's end or it may be a problem on their carrier's end of things.  Also is it with multiple outside carriers that you are having problems with?  Or only one?  (If multiple, it would seem to be an issue on at&t's side; if only one, it may be a problem with at&t or it may be a problem with the other carrier.)

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